Tuesday, July 7, 2009

About Tajikistan

Hello students! I am going to Tajikistan to teach English at a university. I will leave Minnesota in August. I will go to Washington D.C. for 3 days for meetings. Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. On August 26th, I will arrive in Tajikistan. I will live in the capital city. The city's name is Dushanbe. "Dushanbe" means "Monday" in the Tajiki language. People in Tajikistan speak Tajiki, Russian and other languages.

Tajikistan has about 7 million people. Minnesota has about 6 million people. Tajikistan is about the same size as Wisconsin. There are many mountains and rivers in Tajikistan. People eat rice, meat, apples, grapes, melons, and other foods. People wear many different colors of clothing.


  1. Vanny & Hlaing
    we saw a market has many fruits, beautiful mountains and river

  2. Franco and Artemia
    We saw tha vegetables, fruits and the Market, people weare different clothes womens scarf.

    We saw Village, River, and Mountains.

  3. thu lay wah and taw naw paw we saw the river and mountains and village the river colors is skay blue and the mountains colors is brown and tree colors is green and we saw the people went to the market the people

  4. Gabriela and Eduardo
    we see the river we see houses montains eat
    begetables rice mole apple.

  5. thoothoomooday.and.lamoo wesawthe.river.and.color.blue.and.mountains village wesawthe road.verybeautiful

  6. mugay hugo

    the mountain and dirt and river and village

  7. curt i saw the picture the maintain river and the people sold apple and pear those people no man sold those people i saw waman sold only what the man those country them didn't hat men

  8. rasay.wahkyi

    i see the blue water i see the dirt i see the mountains i see the village and sky the road i see the

  9. Hello I am Wah Wah Say.How are you doing now? I have question about the Tajikistan.Do they eat the fishpaste? and what are they culture? do they help each other to work? Teacher if you go to the Tajikistan don't fogert to remember me. Teacher i want to know many thing about the country but i don't have time i will ask you the last time see you on cumputer bye............

  10. Chong Xiong

    Hello teacher Bethany! it you go to Tajikistan. I hope you have a goodtime.
    What are they congregation?
    What kind of meat are they eat?
    How many river did they have?

  11. HI!Teacher Bethany, this is Noe Perez.I want to say that i like tha place, it looks very nice. and i think you are gonna have fun there. Because always is good to know new places, new people,

  12. May Twin Lay
    Hi Im a karen people Iwould like to know about
    Tajikistan culture.

  13. Christina Hae
    What are the people religion?

  14. khin T ye
    In the picture I saw many geography.How many rivers do they have?

  15. Dear teache Bethany: Im Guadalupe Im very happy
    for you letters Im loked your pictures you look very nice how are you.

  16. Dear teacher Bethany
    May God bless you always.How are you?
    Thank you for your writting to us.I upset you must wash your cloths by hands.I remanber when I stayed in my valage. I washed clothes by hands too.If I stay in touch with you I can help you about that.I will wash clothes for you.I miss you
    so much teacher. by Christina.

  17. Dear teacher bethany: how are you I liked your pictures and Im reading it is very important for us the comuniquetion Im very happy for looked you you look very well and I hope you come back soon!

  18. Hi Teather Bethany how are you right now? I miss
    you a lot!May God bless you always right now and
    for your future.When I read your letter I'm very happy.I see your letter about washed your clothes
    by your hands.Teacher !I want to help you.But I'm
    upset for your tired.But I hope you stay healthy. I always think of you.How do you feel right now Teacher.Do you have your best friends in Tajikistan .How many people stayed with you in your apartment? I'm feel lonely for you! By KHIN T YE.

  19. Hello teacher Bethany I'm a new students
    I from michoacan Mexico is beatuful the.
    Picture. I thin is a beutuful place

  20. Hi...teacher.How are you? I miss you so much. I very happy to read your writing and to see your video.Your apartment is very nice In there,Is it the food are expensive or cheap? You look very well.Have a nice time. By Christina.

  21. hi. teacher how are you to day iam estudent the arligton hill my name is jorge how feeling in other estate diferent food diferen culture but are funy

  22. Hi teacher abethany i saw your picture it is very beautiful. Have mountains and cows i look like very happy. When i saw your picture i remember my Country so much. My Country have alot of mountains , Jungle and Animals of Jungle. I think Your student very good they are so pround of you. I miss you so much. May God bless you always.
    For your student
    May T Lay

  23. Hi! Teacher...How is going? I remember you all the time. I wish you to be healthy always

  24. Hi!Teacher Bethany How are you right now ?
    I miss you a lot teacher .I saw your pictures it is very beautiful and mountains.But when I saw your pictures I'm feel remember my village.My village also had many mountains ,forests and many
    kind Animals.Beside our village there were a river and waterfall in the river,there was a lot of fish.I hope you stay healthy always teacher.May God bless you always.I'll not forgot you.I hope to see you next year.By Khin T ye.

    why. you classroom is only women
    is for you culture.
    seea nexttime