Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Dear Students,

Thank you for your messages! You went many places during the break--Alaska, Wisconsin, to weddings, shopping and parties. It sounds like fun! I don't know about washing clothes in Tajikistan. I am in Turkey now, but I will tell you when I get to Tajikistan. I think I will wash clothes by hand.

I came to the city of Istanbul in Turkey on Saturday. I saw many mosques, places where Muslim people pray. There are many old buildings here. This is a picture an old church called Aya Sofia. First it was a church, then a mosque, and now it is a museum.

I really like the food in Turkey. This was my lunch yesterday. What foods do you see? In Turkey I have also eaten lamb, beef meatballs, and a pancake with potato and cheese inside.

Most of the people in Turkey are Muslims. For one month, called Ramadan, they do not eat during the day. At night they have a big dinner with their families. Many families go to the park at night and have a picnic.

On Monday I went to the Black Sea. I went swimming. It was very beautiful.

I love you too, and I miss you a lot!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank you!!

Dear Students,

Thank you for the party my last day of school. I LOVED the letters, airplanes, presents, food, flowers, and the songs! Everything was beautiful. I will bring your letters with me to Tajikistan.

Last week I went to Teacher Andrea's wedding. She was very beautiful, and Andrea and her husband are very happy. After the wedding I went to see my family. I stayed at my mother and father's house for 2 days and at my brother and sister-in-law's house for 2 days. I saw my friends.

This week I am packing to go to Tajikistan. I will bring a winter jacket, hat, and gloves because it is cold in the winter. I will bring pictures, coffee, a flashlight, my passport, Minnesota wild rice, and other things. I will bring clothes and I will buy
clothes in Tajikistan also. I am excited and nervous.

I miss you! What did you do last week?

~Teacher Bethany