Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little About the Culture

Hi students,

You asked about the culture and the religion in Tajikistan. Most of the people in Tajikistan (90%) are Muslim. Many Muslims pray 5 times everyday. The holy day is Friday, and many Muslims go to the mosque to pray on Friday. In the picture, men are praying on a Friday. Women wear scarves on their heads.

Tajik people are very friendly. They like to invite people to visit their homes. They sit on the floor to eat. People eat lots of bread and rice. There are many markets in Tajikistan.

I will go to Washington DC and then to the country of Turkey. On August 26th, I will arrive in Tajikistan.

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  1. Hello teacher Bethany! How are you doing now? Are you happy to go to the other country? we are very sad because we love you and you teach us very good teacher so we never forget you. When you arrive and when you see other students don't forget us we will miss you always. when you teach other students remember about teaching us at Arlington hill school. Have nice day.bye bye we will see you on computer for all students we wish you and we hope to see you at Arlington hill school again.