Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank you!!

Dear Students,

Thank you for the party my last day of school. I LOVED the letters, airplanes, presents, food, flowers, and the songs! Everything was beautiful. I will bring your letters with me to Tajikistan.

Last week I went to Teacher Andrea's wedding. She was very beautiful, and Andrea and her husband are very happy. After the wedding I went to see my family. I stayed at my mother and father's house for 2 days and at my brother and sister-in-law's house for 2 days. I saw my friends.

This week I am packing to go to Tajikistan. I will bring a winter jacket, hat, and gloves because it is cold in the winter. I will bring pictures, coffee, a flashlight, my passport, Minnesota wild rice, and other things. I will bring clothes and I will buy
clothes in Tajikistan also. I am excited and nervous.

I miss you! What did you do last week?

~Teacher Bethany


  1. Theacher Bethany the last week is very happy.
    How are you teacher in Tajikistan.
    The whasing clots is and machine or hand.
    A love teacher Bethany Jose and Artemia.

  2. dear teacher bethany how are you i miss you teacher la moo and thoothoomooday stayed home cooked foods took care children iwent to job iwent to shopping buy food iwent to my friend wedding very beautiful sunday went to church every day i miss you teacher ..i hope you for got not me good by by

  3. hollo teacher bethany I am curt last weeked I help my pastor drove to AlASKA 4 day one nigth past canada. I come back MN tuesday.
    Hello;Teacher Bethany, I'm VANNY last weeked I went to my uncle's daugther's party at the park, then I went shoping and finally I went to bought foods for dinner.
    I miss you teacher.

  4. Hello teacher Bethany.I am Hugo and Gabriela . Last week we went to work, watch tv and clean my hose.Gabriela last week we went to Wisconsin of vicita my family for two days saturday and sunday. good bye

  5. Hello teacher Bethany this is Eduardo and Franco.last week we worked lastweek no school we went to shopping we bought Mexican food we went to the park.teacher we Love you very much we miss you we will wait for you. good look in your New country. bye bye teacher.

  6. holl teacher bethany how are you we miss you tttevery day we saw teacher smile every day we talked to teacher are you ok god blass you.taw naw paw mu gay bey bey

  7. hi teacher how you been? I am noe the firts that came to the school. I was watching your blogspot and I see is a beautiful country , tell me how you do when whashing close is so hard for you but the good news is that you wash your own cloth I cant imagine washing for a whole family. well I send a big kiss and big hug.Take care and I write you soon.

  8. Hi! Hello teacher Bethany how are you? I miss you so much. I saw you picture for Tajikistan Halloween is so pretty. You are very happy with your neighbor children. My children they are going to trick or treat they ware costom and they go with teacher Jim.They got alot of candy they are very happy. After they are going trick or treat they came to teacher Jim house they make cookie and than they eat together. May God bless you always. for May T Lay.

  9. Hello !Teacher Bethany how are you right now ?I miss you a lot!!!I'm feel remember of you all time.Did you go Halloween party in Tajikistan? And
    Do you have a best friend right now ? I warry about your forgot me!You are very happy with your neighbor children.My children also they are going to trick or treat another apartment.And then they are ware costom .Halloween night my family all visited to my sister inlaw home and we have to made Karen noodle after finish we all to eat together .Teacher !I'm feel upset about next month I can not have to came to school.But right now I study at school last time for me.Teacher !I want to see you all time you are my favorite teacher.Good bye teacher! By khin ye.

  10. hello teacher bethany. I saw you picture the pumkin very beautifull.and you stand with the childred up stair you arportment teacher bethany I saw you picture that weather is tajikistan what is the low temperature. I thing tajikistan that hot because I saw you picture have water melon to many they sale very cheap one kilogram aboud two poud I am curt and lucia I am learn long time Engaling not get the ligth what wholong my get the ligth what my to do for get the ligth for me teacher by by