Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Dear Students,

Thank you for your messages! You went many places during the break--Alaska, Wisconsin, to weddings, shopping and parties. It sounds like fun! I don't know about washing clothes in Tajikistan. I am in Turkey now, but I will tell you when I get to Tajikistan. I think I will wash clothes by hand.

I came to the city of Istanbul in Turkey on Saturday. I saw many mosques, places where Muslim people pray. There are many old buildings here. This is a picture an old church called Aya Sofia. First it was a church, then a mosque, and now it is a museum.

I really like the food in Turkey. This was my lunch yesterday. What foods do you see? In Turkey I have also eaten lamb, beef meatballs, and a pancake with potato and cheese inside.

Most of the people in Turkey are Muslims. For one month, called Ramadan, they do not eat during the day. At night they have a big dinner with their families. Many families go to the park at night and have a picnic.

On Monday I went to the Black Sea. I went swimming. It was very beautiful.

I love you too, and I miss you a lot!


  1. Hi Teacher Bethany this is Rodrigo
    I see in the pictures you are very busy
    and happy visiting the places of Turkey
    I hope that one finds good and should not
    not forget his old students.
    I want to see you soon in Minnesota.

  2. Hello teacher Bethany! How are you doing now? Teacher i miss you and want to see you too. When i read you messages i fell sad. Because i remember when the party time i hurg you and we are talking so i hope to see you again. Teacher are you feel lonely? We are you miss you so much. And thank you for tell me about the turkey i worry about the old buillady will broken. thank you see you on computer bye

  3. Dear Teacher Bethany !
    How are you to day?I miss you a lot!
    thank you for your told me about that.Iam very happy to read your messages.Iam happy to saw your pictures .I'm gonna forget yourself.I always remember you .
    Have you never washed clothes by your hand ?By KHin T ye.

  4. Charming pictures from Turkey teacher Bethany I hope good time in those places I would like to say thank you for everythings may be, Iam not going to see you again but do not worry Iam going to take yourself in my heart all my life never Iam going to forget yourself. Adan Gonzalez Rodriguez.

  5. Hi teacher bethany I liked your story I liked the
    pictures today in minnesota is very nice is very

  6. Dear Teacher Beathany Thursday,August 27,2009
    Thank you for your told me about that. I
    very happy to read your messages.and I very happy to see your photo too. I want to know about the muslim people. I heard muslim people didn't eat pork Why they didn't eat? I saw turkey place picture and foods. It was very beautiful I want to eat too. I miss you alot! have a nice day.
    Thank by Christina

  7. Hello teacher Bethany how is your vacation in Turkey well I remember you say most the people are muslam I saw the picture you ate french friy you were drinking soda maybe coca cola also Isaw a plate of vegetables I hope you enjoyed your lunch. Joel Pacheco

  8. Hi: Teacher Bethany, this is Noe Perez I been reading all that you wrote, and I Can see that you are enjoyning where you are, but i know everything is so different for you.
    And you know what? that place where you are, it looks same as where i am from, and i hope one day you'll can visit my country too,it has to many places where you can get fun and there is a lot of good people that will like you, because you are a beautiful person.Well teacher i don't have time to write more to you but, i'm so glad to know about you and i want to tell you that i misss you, but enyways i hope you'll be fine and i'll write to you some other day i just want to said take care and try to enjoy everything there.
    bye: Noe

  9. hi Teacher bethany this is lucia

    estamos en clases comentando aorita
    estara durmiendo aqui son 10 de la
    manana creo estara muy cansada por

    el viaje.
    asta la procxima que ya sera en ingres

  10. Hola Maestra Bethany espero se la este pasando bien me da mucho gusto poderla saludar y me siento emocionada saber gue le haya gustado en Tajikistan es bonito saber de diferentes culturas. Sinceramente Maria Montoya

  11. Hello Teacher Bethany...Your food looks yummy! What is the white thing on the plate?? I don't know. ;) Are the kabobs lamb? Do they eat goat there? Where are you now? We miss you!!

    Love, Teacher Jonna

  12. dear teacher bethany how are you today we miss you like tajikistan.are you many studeny teacher teach.i see the picture i very you like tayikistan food and clothes i reamber teacher i go garden i miss teacher alot you very good teacher for me i want to see teacher again thank you so much from htoo ku and la moo.

  13. hello teacher becheny how are you? when u come back?can i ask u something if i want?why u need to go there? what have to u do every morning? have to u drive yourself? do u like job over there?good bye teacher bethany from malin.

    hello teacher bethany how are you?I miss teacher everyday teacher bethany you miss the studen?teacher you like new country?do you like tajikistan food?do you like wach close in your hand. How many teach students Tajikistan? Thu Lay Wah

  14. Hi teacher Bethany I saw your picture you are happy. your food look is good the museo billt is beutifol I saw the people go to the park.last weeken I was happy because my nice was Birthay and bautismo so we celebrate a big party I miss yuo teacher.bye bye write Franco

  15. I saw the pidture you ate I don't know ; what the white they put on the casses . I think those white very swed . I saw you live to the black sea very beautiful . I miss you a lot. teacher bethany I tell you know next moth. I have to go up to Class C , I very happy.

  16. Hello teacher benthany I miss you every day are you happy in new country.what do you like tajikistan food .teacher lika
    tajikistan park and river I see the teacher happy god blass you for students taw naw paw .

  17. Hello teacher Bethany,so is very happy end tajikistam, is the sen food,culture end tradition a veatuful the picture dhe park end mointain.

    Teacher Bethany plees I need the picture.

    My name is Jose Luis Nieto My himail is

  18. Hallo teacher Bethany this is Maria Montoya I'm happy because of new can comunication with you I the comment with you in minesota the wather is change is cold and I don't like the cold I think I don't undertant with I lived in hear for 14 years I think returner in my country with I think in my childrens is more opotunities with they in hear.

  19. Hello: teacher Bethany,how are you? you look very happy is good for you because you look the others places you now the others traditions. I'm miss you.teacher you cam bak yearly because all estudens miss you.

  20. helo teacher Bethany This Adan all the time Iam think about yourself,my time in this country is over,but you are always in my heart,and you are always on my mind.I hope come back in the future and perhaps speak English very well with you.
    sincerely:adan Gonzalez