Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Apartment

Dear Students,

Thank you so much for writing! I was very happy to read your letters. You asked very good questions! I think about you every day and remember all of you. Sometimes I feel lonely, but I am meeting new people and I am happy. I will come back to Minnesota at the end of June next year. After that, I may come back to Tajikistan for another year. I don’t know yet.

You asked why I came to Tajikistan. Tajikistan is a very poor country and some students don’t have a good education. I wanted to come help teachers learn more English so the education can be better. I also like to see new places and learn languages. Russian is very difficult, so I think I will try to learn Tajik this year. There is a Tajik woman who may be my teacher.

You asked about my students. I will start teaching next Monday. Today I had a meeting at the university and they told me which class I will teach. I will teach grammar and practice to students in their 3rd year. I will have 15 students in my class. I saw the students today, but didn’t have time to talk to them. Yes, most people in Tajikistan are Muslim. They don’t eat pork because the Koran, their book, says it’s not OK to eat pork. I will write more about Muslim culture later. Teacher Jonna: the white stuff on the food in Turkey was sour cream on a veggie patty.

Here are some pictures of my apartment and of my street. It is very nice, and I am happy here. My neighbors are very friendly. Some of them speak a little English. I do not have a washing machine, so I will wash clothes by hand. I have washed clothes by hand only a few times, when I was on traveling. Can you give me some good ideas for washing clothes by hand? Will you go to the State Fair this year?

I miss you a lot!


  1. Hello Teacher Bethany.
    In you apartment, how many bedrooms do you have?
    Do you like washes clothes by hand?
    What do you like eat food?

    Hola Maestra como esta.

    En su mensaje de internet nos dimos cuenta que sus vecinos la tratan bien y que se comunica con ellos porque saben un poco ingles, nos da gusto que este bien, y ahora como usted no esta acostumbrada a lavar a mano lo sentimos para nosotras es algo facil porque en Mexico asi lo hacemos, la comida le gusto? porque dice que comen mucho puerco, no pescado no amburguesas, lo importante nos da gusto que este bien, hasta luego.
    De Gabriela, Artemia y Ser Dee

  2. dear.teacher beather how are you to day i want to know your apartment how many bedroom do you have do you like wash clothes by hand i miss you a lot i want to see you gain in my country people wash clothes by hand the same tsjikistan see you next years june. Htoo Ku

  3. myapartmen.hashowmany.bedroom.doyou.use.weseeyou

  4. Hello teacher bethany thank you so much for explication the Englisg clas is difficult for mi read.

    Is beatiful you apartment In sory for no washing machine and yuo apartment,how many bedroon and badroon .

    Jose Luis

  5. Dear teacher Bethany.

    I am Vanny,I want to asks your some questions, do you like your apartment? And do you like your new city? Why or why not? enough I'll see you next time,bye bye.

  6. dear teache bethany how are you to day howmany bedroom do you have .
    do you like wash clothes by hand I mies you teacher evertime see you next years june i love teacher thoo thoo moo day la moo

  7. teacher we miss you aloto you like washed clothes in you hand.

    teacher come back quickly

    taw naw paw and mu gay
    are you ok
    god blass you

  8. My apartment has two bedroom. I like wash cloths my hand.Some time washing machine.
    I like to go tajikistan .
    I live in teacher together .
    I think she come back.
    I miss you every day.
    stundest Tin hlaing kyi wah.
    I love teacher.God bless you.

  9. heoll,teacherbethany how are with you today?can you tell me about your apartment? how much you pay for a month? i live you from malin bye bye i hope see you soon.good luck teacher.

  10. Hi Teacher Bethany how are you today? I had read your letter,it's so beautyful the places you have visited,and about the clotches dont'worry it's very easy and fast to get a big bowl put in water and a little soap with the clotches for one night, and the next day you can washing and rinse faster.I miss you teacher I hope you come soon.God bless you.Yolanda

  11. Hi teacher bethany, How are you doing now? I miss you too. I read your letter about Tajikistan i am so happy for you.Dont give up you can try to be a good teacher. How much do you have to pay for rent a Month? I saw your apartment and it is very beautiful and i like it.I think of you always. I saw your picture when you went visiting to the black sea it is beautiful. I want to visit too.May God bless you always.! for may twin!

  12. Hello Teacher Bethany! Teacher i miss you too. Teacher how much do you pay for rent a month? Do you like your students in Tajikistan? Do they look like pretty like us? When you teach then do you miss us? We want to know because teacher you told us you is not feel lonely. you have a friends. love Wah Wah say

  13. Hello teacher bethany my name is Maria I am happy because I can comunicate with you.

  14. Dear.teacher bethany how are you?
    Your aparment is beautyful.
    sworry for no washing machine.
    bye bye love lucia

  15. Hi teacher bethany I liked the picture
    thank you for you told us about tajiki culture today in minnesota it is nice day

    Juan Montoya

  16. Hi teacher Bethany is my Yola you know?I am here in the library whith my daughters and I rememered for you and I wrote this words,for say to you I miss you so much.