Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Camping and My Class

Dear Students,
Thank you so much for your letters. I miss you very much, and I remember all of you. Don't worry, I will not forget you! How is the garden?

A few weeks ago I went camping in the mountains with some American friends. We slept in tents and cooked outside. There were lots of goats and cows walking around, and some of the cows ate our bread! In the picture, we are on the road, and we had to stop driving because of all the cows! It was so beautiful in the mountains and we went hiking.

Last weekend I went to Nurek, a small city one hour outside of Dushanbe. It is the home town of Shahlo, another English teacher at the university. We are the in picture together in front of the river in Nurek. There is a big factory in Nurek that makes electricity for many parts of Tajikistan. Many people in Nurek work in the factory.

The picture in the classroom is one of my classes. I teach 2 classes. One of the classes is only women, and the other has men and women. In the picture the students are practicing conversation. My students are in their 3rd year at the university, and they are 19 or 20 years old. Some of them speak a lot of English, and some speak a little English.

What are you studying now?
Teacher Bethany


  1. The picture in the river is beutiful. I leki
    travel the coutry

  2. Hi! teacher Bethany, I'm Vanny now I steped to level C. Now we studying about CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY, it's Very hard for me there are many words I dot'n know.

  3. Hi: teacher Bethany. I see the all picture you look very happy and is good four you because you are learny oters culture and you help the people Im happy four you to. your hause it's good to and you go to hiking is good to four exercise. ok teacher im very happy four see you and im guane what you cam bak sincerily: guadalupe Gutierrez.

  4. dear teacher how are you to day i miss you teacher teacher live in tajikistam beautiful vallage and out side mountain river i reamber my country i see teacher picture smile beautiful teacher live in cold and hot i am come to school every day no understand english may god bless you teacher la moo

  5. how are you today Imiss you teacher bethany isee the picture beautiful thoothoo mooo dayI see the teacther bethany two together many beautifui friend. Thoo thoo moo day I miss you teacher every day. May God bless you.


  7. Hi teacher Bethany How is going there?I saw the pictures are so beutiful,And you look happy that before,teacher about the question what we are learning now.We are lerning the rules of trafic and how getting a driver lisence.well teacher it was a pleasure become to write you and don't forget us.God bless you. Yolanda.

  8. Dear Teacher Bethany,

    I miss you! How are you? We see the Teacher Bethany picture. Teacher Bethany no alive Minnesota. Minnesota snowy and beautiful. Teacher Bethany come to Minnesota Arlington Hills School. Miss you. Students Level A miss you teacher. I see the teacher Bethany go away happy. Go outside happy. See the Level A see the mountains very beautiful. See the cow. See the many many cows. See the students. See the river. See the teacher home. Teacher apartment. I like apartment. See the teacher washing machine! [many laughs]. See the teacher very hot. Very happy. I see the teacher Bethany apartment beautiful. Ma Cho I don't know teacher. Teacher Bethany I don't know Ma Cho. Teacher Bethany every day Ra Say I say I miss you. Teacher Bethany I love you. Teacher Bethany I see you picture very nice. See the mountains I happy too.