Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring in Tajikistan

Dear Students,

I’m very sorry I have not written to you in a very long time. I have been very busy with my classes here, but that is not a good reason! I hope you are well. What are you learning now? Are you planting a garden this year at school?

This is a picture of me with some of my students at the university. We are all wearing Tajik dresses. Women in Tajikistan wear long dresses with pants under the dresses. Sometimes I wear Tajik clothes but usually I wear American clothes. Tajik clothes are very comfortable. My students are in their 3rd year of university. They will be English teachers in the future. Our classes finish next week, and then the students have tests.

Tajikistan is very beautiful in the spring. There are many flowers and green trees. What do you see in this picture? I think it is funny that the trees are green but there is snow on the mountain.

My friend and I made a garden together at her house. I am putting a fence around the garden. I am very happy to have a garden here. We planted lettuce, celery, basil, zuchinni, and hot peppers. In this picture I am also wearing Tajik clothes.

I will come back to Minnesota at the end of June. I like Tajikistan, and I will come back here in August to teach for another year. I will come to school in July and see you! I am very excited to come back.

How are your families?

I miss you!

Teacher Bethany

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  1. Hello:
    I am preparing to come to Tajikistan to teach. I will be staying in Dushanbe as well. I have NEVER been outside the USA not even to Canada or Mexico. I am from Ohio and am very excited to be going to Tajikistan. I would love to get to know you and maybe meet up with you when I arrive after I am settled. That would be wonderful. I saw that you have family in MN. I was raised on a farm in Northern Wisconsin. It would be great to visit with you. If you are interested send me an e-mail my address is