Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Jack-O-Lantern

Dear Students,

I looked at the Arlington Hills blog, and I loved seeing the pictures of your Jack-O-Lanterns! I was very happy to see your smiling faces in the pictures too! And congratulations to Adan, Lucia, Khin Than Ye and Christina for reading at the Loft in October. I am very proud of you! In fact, I'm going to use some of the paragraphs from your stories as good examples of paragraph writing for my students here in Tajikistan.

Here are some pictures of my Halloween Jack-O-Lantern. Most of the pumpkins here in Tajikistan are not like the ones in the US. They are not usually round, but long. I was very excited when I saw my pumpkin in the market! It weighed 9 kilograms because it was very thick. I bought it, and carved it with my neighbors. The girls in the picture live upstairs in my apartment building. Their family is very friendly. Sometimes they cook Tajik food for me. They always invite me to their apartment. I remember all of you when I talk to the friendly people here in Tajikistan.

Did your children go trick or treating?

Teacher Bethany


  1. We are very proud of you too. teacher bethany, I feel confident because Iam reaching my goals
    thank you for everything you help me a lot with
    this obstacle right now, I can speak much better
    and I understand everything. I hope so in the fu
    ture can speak english very well with you.
    sincerely: Adan

  2. teacher bethany, I saw in the picture how big is the pumpkin. Did you eat enough pumpkin?
    I would like to share with you something in
    the future, You know how much I respect you
    like can say before thank you for your help
    you are always in my heart and you are always
    on my mind.
    sincerely: Adan

  3. Hi.Teacher Bethany.How are you.I saw the pictures.It's so beautiful.I saw did you celebrate the Hallowen,wonderful because we also celebrate here with Mr.Jim,And there was some students who participed in games also,I got fun Because my family,And I we went house by house And after that we had diner,And had our food favorite,like sweet tamales,atole,And American food.well teacher was a pleasure communicate me with you continue write us.I hope see you soon.

  4. Hi Bethany,

    The pumpkin in your photo is gorgeous! Wow!

    I'll tell Chong and others that you have a new post the next time we have computers.

    See you (in cyber space) later!
    Jennifer Miller (subbing for Jonna).

  5. hi dear teacherbethany iam chong along we no type tovisit you sorry we miss you much do you miss to you old student i come to school arlington hill everyday i live level b no mal but i understand alittle i very happy right now teacher jennifer tell we everyday how long you will com tovisitweifyousee my work pleas type visit me nov 17 09 chong byeteacher